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Backup Tips


I have put together some (hopefully) useful bits of information to help you prevent the loss of your precious information.

  1. It might seem obvious, but have back-up copies of all your important data
  2. Keep your back-up copies in a separate physical location to your originals if using a hard drive or flash drive
  3. Use a cloud service (such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive) instead of or in addition to hard drives or flash drives
  4. Make a back-up schedule (this can be done using the built in back-up function of Windows or by third-party applications)
  5. Upgrade to a more reliable technology (eg. using an SSD flash storage device instead of a traditional magnetic HDD)

Some of these things may not be suited to your needs but I can provide advice on which may be the best options suited to your needs and budget.