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Data Integrity


Data recovery will incur a one-time service fee of $70 which also covers the first hour spent recovering data.

  • Labour is $40 per hour spent thereafter (charged by 30 minutes)


DATA RECOVERY GUARANTEE: If no useful data is recovered, then my labour is free, only the service fee will apply.

(Useful data is defined as any personal user data such as multimedia or application user save files, but excluding system or application data that is not specific to the user).


You may choose to specify particular files or file parameters for recovery, instructing me to ignore the rest, which may considerably cut down the time spent in labour, therefore reducing costs.

Please make available any software discs such as Recovery discs or Office discs, etc if you have any in the event I need to re-install Windows for you on a non-booting machine.


Please note: If data loss has been caused by drive failure and recovery involves disassembly of the drive, I am unlikely to be able to recover any data because a clean room environment and specialised equipment is desirable for reliable recovery and is best performed by a data recovery specialist, which is costly. However, I am able to identify for you if that is the case quickly and only the service fee will apply.